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CBD Myths That You Should Steer Clear From

CBD is now a scientifically proven compound that helps in a variety of medical issues. Even after this, there are a lot of myths surrounding the compound. Since the introduction of CBD Oil, usage of CBD has grown exponentially and so have the myths. Despite the controversies and myths, CBD is being prescribed by doctors all over the world. You can get CBD Oil and CBD vape Juice from online stores like Blazecbd and rest assured of getting high-quality CBD products.

Mentioned below are some common myths related to CBD vaping.

It is addictive

Despite studies that have stated otherwise, a huge chunk of the population still believes that vaping CBD is extremely addictive. One of the reasons that has led to this myth is its relation with marijuana which remains a prohibited drug in all the major states in America as it is considered a gateway drug. To clear facts from the myths, marijuana contains a lot of THC which isn’t present in CBD or is in very low quantity and the doctors that prescribe these medications have seen no sign of addiction in their patients.

It makes you high

Another common argument of people who despise their usage is this one. To understand this, you need to get into the science behind this. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance found in a hemp plant, and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found in the marijuana plant that is responsible for making you high. The truth is, CBD doesn’t make you high but it can act as an alerting compound if taken in the right dosage and the THC content can be chosen according to the need of the customer.

It’s extracted from the Marijuana plant

This myth is just due to misinformation by media and peers as cannabis plants have a lot of different types. CBD is derived from Hemp plant which is known for extremely low THC which is the substance that makes one high. The hemp plant is known for the medical compounds and a high amount of fiber. So to bust this myth you can find about the differences between both these types of cannabis plants for a clear point of view.

The healing properties are discovered recently

A lot of people think that people in early times used this substance to get high and the medical benefits of vaping CBD have been discovered recently. This is completely untrue as humans have been using this plant for medical use since a very long time. It is treated as a miracle plant in ancient Indian Ayurveda and has been used for things like pain relief, stomach and digestion issues, etc.

Doesn’t help in serious occurrences

People that don’t want to believe at all in CBD based medications have come up with an idea under which they have declared that it can only treat minor problems. This is completely untrue as have been a lot of cases in which CBD vaping showed better results than conventional treatment. Depression medications have been famous for their ill-effects but CBD medications have helped depression patients to recover quickly and without any significant side effect.