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Vaping – The Ultimate Choice

To those smokers, who are still sitting on the edge thinking of vaping should not give any more thought and try it out. If you do not want to invest money in the vaping kit, try it for the first time from friend or maybe you can ask sample from ELiquid Depot if they have any promotional offer going on.


The earlier you do this, the better it will be for you. You will do a big favor to your health. I am saying from my experience as I shifted to vaping after 11 years of smoking. The biggest difference now is that I don’t have to plan my entire life around where I can go to smoke, I don’t have the shortness of breath I had before, I don’t smell like an ashtray, and I’m saving about $250.00 every 30 days. Can anybody say, “NO BRAINER”?


Even though you still get the nicotine with vape juice (if you choose to), I can’t tell you how wonderful it is, after so many years of dragging around that tobacco ‘ball and chain’, to know that I am not starting every day of my life off by assaulting my lungs with tar and other deadly chemicals.


What All Is Included and How Much Do Vape Juice from ELiquid Depot Cost?


Before you buy Vape Juice, you need to buy vaping kit to inhale the juice. You can buy complete kit from ELiquid Depot including mod kit or pod kit, the kit along with vape juice has everything you will need to begin your vaping experience right away. You also receive wall charger and USB charger that can be used to recharge your battery via your computer or laptop.


I will always recommend you ordering couple of different flavors in different strength to try them and find out your preference. I know some guys, who ordered one flavor which they did not like and preferred to stick with traditional cigarette. They realized it later when they got chance to taste another one from their friend. You can always choose whether you want your vape juice to be full flavor, light, ultra-light, or even non-nicotine.


When it’s time to order more vape juice, you will have a choice of Strawberry Watermelon Candy, Sweet Grape Candy, Fruity blue raspberry candy, Sour Apple, Strawberry blueberry smoothie, smooth and sweet tobacco, Fruity blueberry & dragon fruit, fresh minty chill, Honeydew with tropical fruits, which all taste great!


The cost of ELiquid Depot vape juice starts as low as $6.99 for 120 ml pack if you are buying in bulk or $11.99 in retail – a steal compared to the cost of tobacco cigarettes – and the replacement parts are inexpensive as well. ELiquid Depot offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy.


My Own Vape Juice Story…

On a personal note, at 2 packs of cigarettes a day, I was purchasing a carton every 5 to 6 days at approximately $60.00 each (cheap compared to prices up North, but still expensive). That adds up to between $240 and $300 per month. Since I started vaping one month ago, my savings are $150. to $190. PER MONTH. Sweet!